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5 tips to power your 2023 marketing strategy

Prepare for the future by upgrading to Google Analytics 4 and the new Search Ads 360

In the last few years, ongoing changes in the digital advertising ecosystem has meant marketers need new ways to conduct measurement and run digital advertising campaigns. New technology solutions built to help you navigate those changes are now ready to adopt.

First up is Google Analytics 4. The new solution not only gives you a holistic view into consumer behavior, leading to a strong insights-to-ROI pipeline, but it’s also designed to adapt to an evolving privacy and regulatory landscape. Equipped with smarter, more advanced data analysis, Google Analytics 4 is built on Google’s AI, comprehensive reporting and seamless integrations for a better workflow. We will begin sunsetting standard Universal Analytics properties on July 1, 2023. To allow enterprise customers with complex setups more time to have a smoother transition to Google Analytics 4, we’re moving the Universal Analytics 360 properties’ sunset date from October 1, 2023 to July 1, 2024.

Second is the new Search Ads 360. It’s built to help you save time and drive better business results across search engines. In addition to a new user interface and improved support for search engine features, we’ve added enterprise features that you’ll only find in the new Search Ads 360. Upgrade today and find new ways to centralize and scale your day-to-day tasks across search engines and accounts.

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