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How to Design a Business Card on Canva

Using the Elements tab in the left-hand menu, you can change your business card’s graphics, images, or other design assets.

To delete any elements in your design that you don’t want, click them and tap the trash can icon.

You can then use the search function to find design elements that best suit your business and click on any you like to add to your design.

Changing the colors of your design elements is as easy as selecting the element and then clicking the colored box in the top menu to open up the color palette to choose a color that reflects your brand. 

Other options include the ability to flip, crop, and even animate your elements. 

If you’re making a double-sided business card, remember to customize both the front page and the second page of your design. Again, you can remove, add, or customize any element on this page using the same features outlined above. 

On both pages, you can select your elements and use the dots in each corner to resize and reposition your elements.

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