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Introducing the new Search Ads 360

A lot has changed since Search Ads 360 was developed more than ten years ago. The ways people search and the expectations for the ads they see have evolved and expanded. As a result, advertisers are managing more complexity than ever before and turn to platforms like Search Ads 360 to simplify campaign management, measure performance and grow their business.

Today we’re introducing the new Search Ads 360 to help advertisers be ready for what’s next. We’re making the platform easier to use with a new user interface, and adding support for more search engine features and campaign types based on feedback from advertisers who told us they want an easier and more convenient way to build campaigns across advertising platforms. You’ll now have immediate support for most new Google Ads features and improved support for other channels and search engines, like Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo! Japan. We’ve also built new enterprise features that are only available in the new Search Ads 360 which will give you new ways to centralize and scale your day-to-day tasks across engines and accounts. As a result, now you’ll be able to get more of your work done from one place, which will save you time and help you drive better results.

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