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Learn to Model Your Business on Sustainable Practices with This Course Bundle

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Running a business is expensive, but shifting to a sustainable, more environmentally friendly strategy could lower your operating cost by as much as 60%. U.S.-based companies can also benefit from tax breaks and rebates for incorporating sustainable practices. You could hire a sustainability expert to consult on your business practices, or you could become one yourself. The 2023 Complete Renewable and Electrical Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle could help you stay informed on the latest sustainable-energy practices you can use in your business.


This 38-hour informational bundle may help you create large and small-scale changes in your business. An understanding of wind turbines could help you invest in green energy solutions. A few lessons in the Basics of Solar Energy course may help you create an energy model that actually has you selling energy back to the power companies. And operating a brick-and-mortar may not have the same high cost if you can create your own solar water pumping system.

While these courses will not make you an electrical or environmental engineer overnight, they could help you learn about the feasibility of converting your business to a more sustainable model. As intense storms become more common, finding a way to ensure your business does not rely on an inconsistent power grid may become more valuable over time. Keeping the electricity on during a blackout could even mean preserving your frozen inventory and keeping the doors open after a disaster if you’re in the food industry. In addition, all course materials are available to you for life.

If you want to learn the basics principles behind solar and wind, get the 2023 Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle on sale for $39.99 (reg. $2,400).

Prices subject to change.

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