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Microsoft says Azure disrupted after a week of repeated service outages

Microsoft was hit by a new disruption Friday after customers received error messages when trying to access Azure Portal.

Customers may have also gotten error messages when trying to access the Microsoft Entra admin center and Microsoft Intune. The disruption was mitigated after a couple of hours.

Microsoft, in a preliminary review, cited a spike in network traffic to the sites, which impacted the company’s ability to manage traffic. The company applied load balancing in addition to auto recovery to get the services back online. 

The company had already been investigating claims of a DDoS attack from a hacktivist group called Anonymous Sudan. The group claimed credit for a series of outages involving OneDrive and Microsoft 365 services, including Outlook, SharePoint and Teams.

Microsoft on Friday said it plans to release a post-incident review within three days. 

Researchers last week said Anonymous Sudan had become a growing threat around the world, particularly as it moved from politically motivated attacks to extortion. The group has been linked to a prior attack against airline SAS. 

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company had no additional information Monday, but the company will provide an update if the company learns new details.

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