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SEO Reselling vs. White Labeling

You are going to launch your own digital marketing firm, and you want to offer SEO services to your clients. There’s only one problem: You don’t know hardly anything about SEO.

SEO is among the most difficult fields to master in digital marketing, not least because the rules and practices associated with SEO are constantly shifting. Still, SEO is immensely important to the success of any online marketing strategy, and most clients expect to be able to acquire SEO services from their digital marketing partners.

Fortunately, there is not one but two solutions to your problem. Both SEO reselling and white label SEO allow your marketing agency to benefit from the expertise and resources of a marketing firm that specializes in SEO. Read on to learn more about how these services work and which one you should use today.

What Is SEO Reselling?

SEO reselling is the practice of bundling SEO services provided by another company into your menu of services available to clients. The term “SEO resellers” applies both to the SEO firm originating the services and your marketing agency, which is connecting those services with paying clients. SEO resellers on both sides benefit from the relationship — you by expanding your offerings to clients and your SEO provider by expanding their customer base.

Typically, in SEO reselling relationships, the SEO provider focuses specifically on SEO services and has little infrastructure to assist with client management. As a result, digital marketing agencies tend to assume full responsibility for communicating about SEO services with clients, and most clients will not recognize that the SEO they receive comes from a third-party provider. If you hope to maintain full control over communications with your clients, working with SEO resellers might be the right choice for you.

There is a great degree of variation in quality between SEO resellers, so you need to be careful to vet your provider before you form a professional relationship. Some SEO resellers, cognizant of the fact that SEO is so critical to online marketing success, purport to offer high-quality services but in truth use ineffective and sometimes dangerous tactics to artificially inflate a client’s online authority. You should pay attention to the reseller’s rates, which should be competitive within the marketplace, and look for reviews from past and present clients to verify that they are keeping up with industry trends.

SEO reselling might be exactly what your digital marketing firm needs to deliver better service to your clients. Alternatively, you might require the services of a white-label SEO provider.

What Is White Labeling?

White-label digital marketing is the process of reselling any digital marketing service — not just essential SEO. Almost any marketing service can be and is white labeled: social media marketing, PPC advertising, website design and more. This allows firms like yours that specialize in a small niche of the vast digital marketing landscape to cover all your clients’ needs. Usually, white-label services boast a certain high level of quality, so digital marketing agencies can trust providers to generate positive results.

In truth, SEO white labeling and SEO reselling are often used interchangeably, and for good reason. Both involve outsourcing SEO services to a third party, and often, SEO resellers maintain the same level of quality as white-labeled digital marketing services. It is common for SEO resellers to advertise their white-label services and vice versa.

Still, there is one crucial difference that you might want to pay attention to: White label SEO often comes with more support from providers, who can assume greater responsibility for account management, sales processes and client relationships in general. For digital marketing agencies that lack sufficient SEO expertise to sell SEO services or navigate SEO strategy-building and reporting, utilizing white label services might be the right choice.


There are many benefits to looking to a third party for SEO services. Before you begin searching for an SEO partner, you should consider what your firm and your clients need in terms of SEO services and support. Then, you can work with SEO resellers and white-label SEO providers to develop the relationship that benefits everyone and leads to mutual success.

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