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The Best Appliance Repair Software to Get More Customers And Improve Efficiency

With multiple house calls to make an endless list of tasks to complete, good organization is essential to running a successful appliance repair business. 

Sure, you could load up your laptop and spend ages working with multiple spreadsheets or paper work orders, but that can soon become a complicated and time-consuming chore. 

This is where software solutions like ServiceFusion, Jobber, and WorkWave prove invaluable.

Below, we’ll show you how these top appliance repair business software options can help you achieve maximum efficiency and grow your business.

Top 6 Best Appliance Repair Software Reviewed

1. ServiceFusion

Best all-around appliance repair business software

Service Fusion is a cloud-based field service management platform that truly ticks all the right boxes. 

Not only is it incredibly user-friendly and competitively priced, but it also features every possible tool you could want in an appliance repair app. 

From the moment customers get in touch to the time they settle their invoice and beyond, this easy-to-use platform allows you to handle every part of the job, from recording customer information and creating automated estimates to scheduling an appointment, dispatching a technician, and more. 

ServiceFusion Pricing

ServiceFusion isn’t the cheapest appliance repair software on the market, but its three plans represent excellent value for money when you consider what’s included.

Plans range from $126 to $339 per month and include:

  • Customer management
  • Estimates and jobs
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Invoicing and payment processing 
  • Project management
  • Reporting
  • SMS alerts
  • and more.

ServiceFusion also offers a free demo so that you can see if it’s the right platform for your business.

2. Jobber

Best Budget-Friendly Software

If you’re just starting your repair company, Jobber is one tool that’s definitely worth looking at.

Not only does its low monthly pricing make it a great way to keep your expenses down, but it also enables you to hit the ground running by providing the kind of first-class customer service that leads to long-term repeat business and referrals. 

For us, the highlight is the client hub which clients can access online 24/7 to schedule jobs at their convenience and even make credit card payments when the work is done.

In between, a host of excellent client communication tools such as automated reminders, “on my way” messages, and follow-up emails ensure your clients remain fully informed at every stage.

Jobber Pricing

Make no mistake about it; Jobber is tough to beat on Price. 

Its wallet-friendly Lite Plan is ideal for one-man bands, costing just $19 per month for all of the following features:

  • Unlimited clients
  • Give clients 24/7 access to the self-serve hub
  • Customized work order
  • Send quotes and invoices
  • Accept online payments.

For other features such as job scheduling,  automated reminders, and sales lead management, you’ll need to upgrade to either the Core Plan ($49 p/m), Connect Plan ($129 p/m), or the $249 per month growth plan. 

A 14-day free trial is also available. 

3. WorkWave

Best for Automation 

If you’re one of the many appliance repair companies looking to put your backend operations on autopilot so you can invest more time and energy delivering stellar repair work, WorkWave may prove to be an excellent investment. 

WorkWave’s appliance repair scheduling software automatically assigns the right field techs to the right appliance repair jobs, minimizing the risk of scheduling conflicts while at the same time ensuring your customers get the very best person for the task at hand. 

Along with the standard appointment reminders and follow-ups, the other thing we really love about this platform is the automated inventory management tool that monitors and manages your stock in real time and sends timely alerts when you need to re-order. 

WorkWave Pricing

WorkWave offers custom pricing depending on your needs. You’ll need to book a demo and talk to a representative to get a quote for your business. 

4. FieldEdge

Best for Managing Field Technicians

The more your business grows, the more employees you need to hire to keep up with customer demand, and the more employees you hire, the harder it becomes to keep constant track of who is doing what, where they’re doing it, and when.

If that’s a familiar problem, consider looking at FieldEdge.

Like WorkWave, this popular software takes the hard work out of managing your appliance repair technicians’ workload by automatically assigning jobs based on each person’s availability, location, and specified skillset.

Elsewhere, we’re big fans of the Android and iOS mobile apps which empower your teams to sell service agreements, book follow-up jobs, and even take card payments on-site. 

FieldEdge Pricing

FieldEdge offers personalized pricing plans tailored to your needs. Book a demo to discuss costs with a FieldEdge Agent.

5. Housecall Pro

Best for Sales and Revenue Generation

Even with good quality field service software, invoicing tools, and other essentials, meeting the needs of your existing customers can still be such a full-time job that there are never enough hours in a day left to focus on growth.

If the main challenge you’re faced with right now involves finding a way to get more clients and increase sales, take a look at Housecall Pro

Along with all the usual key features, such as scheduling, appointment reminders, job history, and payment tools, this one includes a bunch of useful tools designed to generate growth.

From automated marketing tools to a visitor-friendly, Search Engine Optimized website with online booking capabilities and the ability to boost customer loyalty by creating recurring service plans, Housecall Pro really is the ultimate all-in-one solution for appliance repair companies.

Housecall Pro Pricing

One of the best things about Housecall Pro is the pricing.

Everything mentioned above, plus more, is available for just $49 per month for a single-user plan.

To add more users, simply upgrade to the $129 Essentials plan. 

6. Orderry

Best for Invoicing and Payments

For years, Orderry has stood out as a leading provider of business management software for all kinds of different businesses ranging from body shops, to computer repair shops, and more. 

So it’s no wonder that it’s just as remarkable at managing all aspects of your appliance repair company. 

The field service management software does an impeccable job at scheduling, tracking, and updating assignments, though the real highlight comes in the form of outstanding payment and invoicing features. It will also send out a notification to the customer with the arrival time of the tech, which customers appreciate. 

Thanks to its effortless Quickbooks integration and easy-to-navigate financial dashboards, you’ll have no problem generating accurate, automated estimates and invoices with your company’s branding and accepting an array of payment methods via both a dedicated customer portal and field technician app.

Orderry Pricing

Orderry offers three pricing plans. The plan you opt for will depend on the size of your team, with the entry-level $69 p/m Startup Plan allowing for a maximum of 15 employees, the Business Plan costing $99 per month for up to 150 employees, and the $199 per month serving up to 1,500 employees.

What is the Best Appliance Repair Business Software to use in 2023?

As you’ve no doubt learned by now, the absolute best appliance repair software to buy for your business is going to be the one that helps you to overcome the most difficult challenge you currently face.

If you need to get on top of things and improve your efficiency and organization without spending top dollar on enterprise-level software, the budget-friendly Jobber may be the one to go for. 

If managing your expanding team effectively remains your biggest concern, the excellent field technician management software offered by FieldEdge may be the best solution, while those looking to focus on growth and boosting revenues may want to consider Housecall Pro

However, if you want our final recommendation on the best appliance repair service software to handle all of those tasks in one affordable, beginner-friendly platform, then you could do far worse than trying out our top choice, ServiceFusion

For more tips on how to get your venture off to a flying start, see our complete guide to starting an appliance repair business.

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