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The Great RIA Flock | Nasdaq

The Great RIA Flock

Financial advisors are flocking to independence.  Some who switched to the RIA model, say it was a game-changer for their career, and they have gained an “entrepreneurial mindset” while creating lower-cost programs for clients.


This trend is widespread. Cerulli reports the RIA channel is experiencing the fastest growth in advisor headcount. The number of independent RIAs and advisors working there have grown steadily over the past decade. Advisors are seeking independence for several reasons. Clients demand lower fees, and RIAs allow advisors to deliver quality service at a competitive price. Wirehouses, on the other hand, are raising advisor costs.


One highlights of the RIA fee-based model is it has made RIAs a target for private equity firms. Cerulli predicts RIAs will control nearly a third of the market by 2027. Advisors like Harry Figgie see this as inevitable due to the open architecture, financial benefits, and equity-building opportunities offered by the RIA model.

Finsum: The RIA model has been made easier by the technological advancements in advisor space, and this trend might continue to ramp up.

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