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HomeStock MarketThese are the stocks on my watchlist (4/10)

These are the stocks on my watchlist (4/10)

These are the stocks on my watchlist (4/10)

Hi! I am an ex-prop trader that trades equities.

This is a daily watchlist for trading. I might trade all of the stocks on here, or none of them, on any given day. I might trade stocks that don't appear on here! I hold no positions in any stocks long-term but Amazon/Mag7/general broad market indices. (unless otherwise noted in these tickers).

I usually make these watchlists premarket, (or from 6:30 to 7 as time permits), but can be delayed if I'm trading the open. These aren't mean to be taken as gospel or any recommendation to buy/sell. Many stocks I post are <$500M market cap. Most are NOT good long-term investments but are good candidates to day trade. If you have questions to ask, PLEASE ask specific ones. Questions like “Thoughts on ____?” will be ignored.

News: Shelter, Gasoline Prices Drive Over Half of US CPI Gains

All stocks are being affected by CPI numbers

DXYZ – Still interested in this. This is a closed end fund that is investing in massive startups (OpenAI, SpaceX, Chime). STILL short biased, but likely not going to short today due to the massive pullback we’ve had from the ridiculous valuation of $100+. We could see this spike up from people covering shorts from yesterday. ( Currently short, but very minimally).

META– About to announce news that they have AI models capable of near human reasoning/planning

DAL- Forecasted range of high earnings, 80% increase in adjusted Q1 earnings, Ceo states that business travel is increasing. Revenue is 13.7B vs 12.8B

BABA- Jack Ma releases internal memo saying that BABA is overcoming challenges of being a large company

SOUN- Files to sell $150 in equity distribution pact (I finally posted this, I hope the bots go wild on this)

Longer-term watches: NVDA/SMCI, SNOW, BA, ULTA

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